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The Idea of

It has never been more important to do something against the climate change than right now. Mankind and all flora and fauna is in danger.
We can do something to prevent it if we stand together - in the truest sense of the word.

We all create a demonstration against climate change, a sign to tell everyone what we need to save the climate, and an inspiration for other people to join.
The idea is to build a human chain together. If enough people care, we maybe can create a human chain so big, that it literally goes around the earth.
This is an open project of all people, everybody can give ideas, make it grow and help, because we all share the earth.

The Scale of the earth is 40.000 kilometers around. One man or woman has a span of ca. 1.6 meters holding the hand of the next one.
So to complete the human chain around the world it takes 25.000.000 people.

25 million people can make a change. This is more than a demonstration and a signal to the world; it is proof that everyone of us can make a change directly.
Add your name, city and what you can do against climate change now, and what you will do in the future.
Encourage others with your ideas and get encouraged by others.

You can build this chain. Be part of it!

You can also help and tell and mail your friends about this - everyone you reach can make a little change.

You can contact us using the link or the form.



Jens Haffke

Stresemannstrasse 41
40210 Duesseldorf

Tel.: +49 (0) 211 6178375


This is an open project to all people, so we are also interested in working together, teamwork, collaborations.
Become a partner, an activist, let us know your ideas of what we can do together.


Here are some links to other ecology-minded sites. Feel free to contact us for link exchange.        


From time to time, we may send out a newsletter to our members to keep you informed about the project:
If you do not want to get a newsletter at all, just send us an email with the subject unsubscribe.


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Well, we just started, so there is only one faq yet:

How do I see the whole message, it seems cut.

There is a little arrow above each name, if you click it, the green textfield will get bigger.
If there is even more text, you can scroll by mousewheel.

How can I help?

We just started on 26.11.2008 - so you can help by spreading the message!

You can help the project by sending an email to all of your friends, and tell everybody about it.
The most important thing is to reach as much people as we can - only together we can make a change.
Of course you can link us too.

This is an open project to all people, so we are also interested in working together, teamwork, collaborations.
Become a partner, an activist, let us know your ideas of what we can do together.

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